Vinyl is one of the most versatile options out there for spaces requiring hard-wearing, attractive floors that are easy to maintain and last forever. These characteristics make vinyl the flooring of choice for a number of commercial spaces. Commercial vinyl comes in either sheet or plank form and provides enormous scope to create tough and inspirational work spaces. Let’s take a look at who needs commercial vinyl flooring.

who needs commercial vinyl flooring

The are a number of reasons vinyl flooring is so widely used – it’s tough, versatile and attractive. Let’s take a look at who needs commercial vinyl flooring.


Industrial sectors present a different set of needs than other commercial sectors, but even so, vinyl is an excellent choice. Vinyl provides a high level of hygiene control, which is great for industrial lab environments. It is tough and easy to maintain meaning it is the most suitable choice for warehouse and manufacturing environments. It is waterproof and easy to clean, which makes it an optimal choice for industrial kitchen and food preparation areas. The list on why industrial vinyl is excellent goes on.

Aged Care

With the increasing needs of our ageing population, there is a demand for the development of aged care facilities Australia-wide. These spaces have unique needs and product requirements to provide the comfort and safety required by residents.

Vinyl is a great choice in aged care spaces as it provides an excellent level of hygiene control, is tough and easy to clean, it is slip-free meaning is a very safe option. Quality vinyl is also very attractive and can bring a level of sophistication to any aged care space.

modern public school, corridor blue floor


You will not find a healthcare facility without vinyl floors. It is the perfect option for healthcare spaces:

• Emergency rooms that experience heavy foot traffic but must be spotless

• Operating rooms that need to be extremely hygienic

• GP or dentists offices that need to be cleaned constantly, but also may require a certain degree of aesthetic appeal and comfort

• Busy corridors that absolutely must be non-slip


The floors in education spaces need to be extremely durable in order to deal with the daily punishment they endure. Vinyl is a great choice in this respect. Floors must also be designed to prevent water from penetrating in order to reduce the chance of mould, mildew and bacteria developing.

Commercial vinyl seams are always heat welded. This stops dirt, moisture and other substances from getting into the joins. Plus they won’t trap dust, dirt or other pollutants. All these factors give vinyl an edge over other materials in terms of hygiene. Lastly, vinyl is non-slip and therefore is very safe.


Vinyl is an excellent choice in a number of hospitality spaces, including pubs, restaurants and hotels. These spaces require hard-wearing floors that are easy to clean and maintain, but also look excellent. Vinyl ticks all the boxes here. It is an extremely functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing, and is the best option for a number of applications in hospitality.

Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular options for commercial spaces, and for good reason.

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