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Aged Care Flooring

With the increasing needs of our population, there is a high demand for the growth in Aged Care facilities Australia wide. These facilities have unique needs and product requirements to provide the comfort and safety required by residents. MK Floors has been involved with the Aged Care industry for many years, and understands the unique requirements of Aged Care Flooring.

At MK Floors, we understand the needs of these facilities, the residents and the special requirements they demand. This segment is continually changing as residents seek facilities that offer higher living standards and a move to resort style living. We are able to develop and design flooring systems and upgrade programmes that suit your specific needs.

We know there are a lot of difficult questions when it comes to aged care flooring options, so give one of our team a call, or take a look at one of our many helpful articles: What Flooring is Right for Your Aged Care Facility? What are the Benefits of Custom Flooring Designs in Aged Care Facilities? Employing the Right Contractors, and Area Specific Flooring for Aged Care Facilities.

Due to our vast experience and depth of expertise, MK Floors has the resources to work in a wide variety of industry segments. Due to the number of experienced staff, we have the ability and knowledge required to effectively service these industry segments and provide the right advice and solutions.

MK Floors sales consultants have the experience, confidence and support required to ensure we can make your project a success.

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