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Carpets are produced in many different types including Woven, Tufted, Bonded, Flocked and Needle Punched and are supplied in either broadloom or modular types.

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Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom carpet is carpet that is manufactured on a wide loom and is typically 3.66m in width.
Broadloom carpet is typically manufactured in two types – Woven and Tufted.

Modular Carpet

Modular carpet, or more commonly known as carpet tiles, is carpet manufactured in tile format.  Modular carpets come in a variety of sizes and shapes dependent on the manufacturer.  Modular carpet or carpet tiles are produced by inserting tufts into a PVC or bitumen compound which has been coated onto a backing fabric. This method ensures the tile remain flat and stable once installed.  Modular carpets are lower cost and provide for rapid changes of building use (for example fitouts).

Manufacturers have dramatically improved the quality and appearance of modular carpet tiles and there is a very wide variety available.  These include cushion backed for better underfoot feel, variegated patterning, highlight and feature tiles to add character to large areas.

Modular carpets provide designers with excellent design options whilst maintaining lower costs than alternative flooring systems.