What Are The Options For Industrial Vinyl Flooring?

Industrial environments pose a very different set of demands on flooring than commercial, hospitality, education or healthcare sectors. Conditions are generally harsher than in many other spaces, and because of this, resilient flooring options are an excellent choice.

Resilient flooring encapsulates any kind of floor type with a degree of ‘give’ or bounce. The most popular option in industrial sectors is vinyl flooring – favoured for its versatility, durability, sterility. Industrial vinyl flooring is extremely hard-wearing and water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and it looks excellent. Let’s take a more in-depth look into industrial vinyl flooring.

industrial flooring

Industrial vinyl flooring needs to be versatile and durable. Let’s take an in-depth look at industrial environments and the most suitable flooring types.

Industrial Environments

Industrial environments don’t just encompass factory floors and warehouses. There are a plethora of spaces that can be classified as ‘industrial’:

• Laboratories

• Storage spaces

• Industrial kitchens

• Manufacturing facilities

• Modular spaces (creative studios, recreational facilties, offices etc)

• Retail warehouses

Despite the disparity of the activities that go on within these spaces, different industrial environments generally require the same characteristics from their floors: durability, ease of care, versatility, resistance to liquids, and the ability to cover large spaces within costs getting out of hand. The answer to all these requirements? Vinyl.

industrial vinyl flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is the most common form of resilient flooring and the most suitable choice for industrial spaces. It comes in two main types: plank and sheet.

Sheet Vinyl

Vinyl floors are formed under intense heat conditions that essentially ‘melt’ together small chips under pressure, eventually forming a solid sheet of vinyl. Thickness varies depending on environmental requirements.

Industrial vinyl seams are always heat welded. This stops dirt, moisture and other substances from getting into the joins, which is particularly important for projects where hygiene is paramount such as in laboratories and industrial kitchens.

Plank Vinyl

Plank vinyl is essentially sheet vinyl that has been cut into strips (planks) or tiles. Plank vinyl includes a PVC base and an additional composite layer for more dimensional stability. These planks can also include a photographic layer which will alter the style and finish of the vinyl – tile, wood, ceramics etc

Plank vinyl is cheaper to lay than sheet vinyl and is usually much faster to install. It also provides a large scope for interior designers to be creative in decorating a space. This may be important in creative or recreational warehouse spaces, labs or industrial work spaces.

Summing It Up – The Benefits of Industrial Vinyl Flooring

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Wide range of floor designs

• Affordable

• Fast and easy to install (especially in larger spaces)

• Supportive

• Resilient

• Great in any climate

As you can see, vinyl flooring is extremely versatile and suitable across a huge range of industrial environments.

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