A Guide To Choosing Sustainable Flooring

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing hardwood flooring in Australia. What makes this decision all the more important is that your choice can have a huge impact when it comes to sustainability in the industry.

There are a number of environmentally-friendly choices out there, with some wood being sourced from sustainable suppliers. The two major concerns with sustainable flooring is the amount of recycled content being used, and the manner in which new materials are being harvested. Both have massive implications for the environment, and the eco-conscious buyer should take both into consideration.

Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood has extraordinary benefits for those looking who sustainable flooring – it’s durable, cost-effective and eco-sustainable.

Engineered Floors

Engineered wood flooring has many benefits for suppliers, consumers and the environment. Engineered hardwood is created using a careful layering process, where multiple sections are fused together using heat, pressure and adhesives. The result is a durable, beautiful alternative to pure hardwood flooring suitable for commercial and residential spaces and the hospitality industry.

Recycled Content

The key to the product’s sustainable mature is the sandwiching process which allows a number of different material to be used in place of one solid length of hardwood. Many of the materials used are waste products that are harvested from plantations that would otherwise be thrown out. 50-70% of engineered floors are made from recycled content.

The layering process also means that far less premium material is needed for the plants. For example, a length of gorgeous rosewood can go a long way used as a top layer for engineered floors, rather than being used as an entire length.


Engineered wood is highly durable, in many ways more so than hardwood floors. Engineered wood floors are resistant to moisture and are more stable than hardwood floors. The sandwiching element of engineered wood allows a veneering process that can increase the durability of the wood beneath. The thicker this top layer, the more expensive the product. Depending on the thickness, engineered hardwood will last from upwards of 20 years. The type of wood used in the top layers will also greatly impact the durability of the flooring.


Engineered wood flooring is designed to be placed over concrete slabs, but it can also be nailed down onto a wooden sub-floor. Thinner types can also be glued down in a similar fashion to vinyl or resilient flooring. Newer engineered products have a special locking system that uses a tongue and groove to keep it in place. These are often referred to as ‘floating floors’ and can be easily placed on top of old floors and designated underlays. All these factors drastically decrease the cost over hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floors

Pros and Cons of Engineered Floors


Strong – Engineered hardwood’s many layers are fused together in a cross-grain construction style that makes it far stronger than a single piece of solid wood. A protective top layer veneer adds even further protection, making this highly resilient flooring perfect for high traffic areas.
Versatile – Engineered hardwood is far less vulnerable to moisture when compared with hardwood, so it can be used in many more areas. Under the right conditions, it can even be installed directly over concrete and below ground level.
Long lasting – While it can’t compare with the durability of solid hardwood, engineered hardwood can be sanded and refinished multiple times and will therefore outlast most other types of flooring.
Affordable – Engineered hardwood can provide an affordable alternative to solid hardwood, making it a great choice for those on a tight budget looking for quality flooring.


As fantastic as engineered hardwood may look, feel and perform, it still can’t quite match the natural appearance and durability that you only get with genuine solid hardwood. The question is whether it is worth it in or not.

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