A Quick Guide To Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is one of the most suitable options for commercial purposes out there. Commercial vinyl flooring is a fantastic choice across a huge variety of industries including hospitality, industrial, healthcare, aged care and commerce. Resilient flooring, like vinyl, has many benefits in these kinds of environments, the foremost being that it has a certain amount of give and is water-resistant making it an extremely hard-wearing flooring option. Let’s take a more in-depth look into commercial vinyl flooring.

commercial vinyl flooring

Commercial vinyl flooring is suitable across a huge variety of industries, favoured for its resilience, hygiene, resistance to liquids, amongst other things. Let’s take a more in-depth look at vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the most common forms of resilient flooring, particularly in commercial spaces, and comes in sheet or tile (plank) formats:

Sheet Vinyl

Vinyl floors are formed in intense heat conditions that essentially ‘melted’ together small vinyl chips under pressure, eventually forming a solid sheet of vinyl that varies in thickness depending on the requirements. Commercial vinyl seams are always heat welded. This stops dirt, moisture and other substances from getting into the joins particularly in projects where hygiene is important, such as in hospitals and aged care facilities.

Plank Vinyl

Plank vinyl is essentially sheet vinyl that has been cut into strips (planks) or tiles. Plank vinyl includes a PVC base and an additional composite layer for more dimensional stability. These planks can also include a photographic layer which will alter the style and finish of the vinyl – tile, wood, ceramics etc

Plank vinyl is cheaper to lay than sheet vinyl and is usually much faster to install. It also provides a large scope for interior designers to be more creative decorating a space.

commercial vinyl flooring

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is an excellent choice in a number of different industry sectors:


Vinyl is perfect for number of light industrial applications. Industrial spaces demand a certain level of hygiene and durability that will be reflected in the type of floor that is chosen.

• An industrial kitchen that requires a non-slip floor

• A laboratory environment that requires close attention to hygiene

• A jam factory that requires floors than can be thoroughly and easily cleaned.


Vinyl is the go-to flooring choice for hospitality, and is useful in a number of different applications:

• Durable yet eye-catching wood-look vinyl planks for a cocktail bar

• Hard-wearing kitchen floor vinyl that can be easily cleaned and maintained

• High foot traffic gaming areas

• Bathrooms and toilets in a pub that are constantly mopped and maintained


You will not find a healthcare facility without vinyl floors. It is the perfect option for healthcare spaces:

• Emergency rooms that experience heavy foot traffic but must be spotless

• Operating rooms that need to be extremely hygienic

• GP or dentists offices that need to be cleaned constantly, but also may require a certain degree of aesthetic appeal and comfort

• Busy corridors that absolutely must be non-slip


Education facilities are some of the hardest wearing spaces out there. Vinyl is the perfect option for these spaces:

• Corridors that experience very high foot traffic and may be exposed to the elements

• Classrooms that may be exposed to paints, crayons and other materials and be cleaned constantly

• Lectures halls

• Toilets that are cleaned constantly

• Cafeterias

As you can see, vinyl flooring is extremely versatile and suitable across a huge range of industry sectors.

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